MPTS system is a specialist Post Tensioning contractor originally established in Jordan with more than 15 years of experienced people. We operate throughout Jordan . MPTS was launched by practicing consultant engineer with a strong technical backup.

MPTS team has wide experience in the application of both un-bonded and bonded post-tensioning systems, and was the pioneer in the introduction of post tensioning in Amman – Jordan. We have given technical advice to lots of consultant regarding post tensioning suitable standards and designs, With a large specialist design and installation team with a well qualified local personal, we are able to complete a full range of design and installation solutions including:

  • Flat slabs
  • Beam and slab
  • Ribbed slabs
  • Transfer structures
  • Waffle slabs

We can also provide design services where post tensioning can be used to solve engineering problems. Particular examples are

  • Scheme design to enable Main Consultants and contractors to assess the viability of PT on individual projects
  • Detailed Designs for Main Consultants.
  • Post-tensioned transfer beams designed to distribute loads from floating columns
  • Finite element designs to optimize project costs, and give complete assurance of structural engineer.

Our design and installation works are completed to internationally recognized standards as well as Jordanian Standards and are carried out by professionally qualified engineers. We are proud to have a reputation of giving a high quality service with a strong sense of achieving client satisfaction.


Dear Visitors,

Let me welcome you to MPTS SYSTEM a diverse and a pioneer expatriate business house located in Jordan.

With a team experienced and qualified engineers and business professionals today, MPTS is fully geared to meet the demands of the Architect, Structural engineers & clients.

With its headquarters in Amman – Jordan  the group has significance presence in Jordan.

Our company is marching ahead courageously towards creating a better tomorrow for all of us.

We have successfully established ourselves in the varied construction segment like Post-Tensioning Design for commercial, residential and bridges.

Our business models operate autonomously sharing our primary culture of placing customer on top with an unswerving commitment to offer the best in value and quality to every customer, the group has worked assiduously to realize this vision. We have laid a strong foundation in the markets we operate and are committed to serve the local community with total integrity. Our local presence enables the local community and customers.

Our HR policies and practices are among the best in the industry, valuing the essentials in attracting, inducting/engaging and retaining the high quality professionals. We believe in employee satisfaction, up-gradation of their skill levels and for this purpose, the group invests a lot in training & development, incentive schemes, bonus, etc.

We are proud of our achievements. I am confident that our group will see even greater growth and scale even greater heights.

We extend a warm welcome to all those who share our vision of a future where development is sustainable and growth is achieved. Together, I am confident that we will provide the future energetic solutions.

Please visit this site regularly for fresh updates on products and services and opportunities.


MPTS has been servicing in Jordan since 2010 and continues to provide leadership, strength, stability, longevity and superior client service by:

  • Creating a management structure that best serves our clients’ needs;
  • Hiring and retaining some of the most talented people in the industry;
  • Providing accurate and detailed cost estimating;
  • Adhering to the highest ethical accounting standards while maintaining financial strength;
  • Maintaining financial strength and stability;
  • Staying abreast of the latest construction technologies;
  • Pledging a high level of service that maintains our reputation for quality;
  • Continuing to provide the best construction value; and
  • Building lasting relationships through a successful construction experience.

MPTS  has successfully completed commercial / residential / bridges structures in Jordan.


Our core business is the pre-stressing of concrete structures.

Pre-stressing occurs when a beneficial force is permanently introduced into a structure before the loads are applied, this is achieved by the stressing of suitably arranged, high-strength, pre-stressing tendons. The favorable stress conditions induced in the structure enable efficient use of building materials and improved structural geometry, while controlling or reducing deformations.


Since 2010 have been Meeting & exceeding high standards on Quality, Health & Safety environment.

We have always focused on having a strong and futuristic management outlook, which will help the company to actually venture into new business arenas as well as to maintain and improve on the existing areas. With the help of the efficient and dedicated employees of our organization, we have been able to reach new heights.


“Aim to become a Leader in the PT Industry in Jordan with International standards” and to provide the revolutionary technology in construction industry and to contribute constantly to the advancement and successful completion of increasingly demanding construction works. We built a long term relationship with our clients based on safety, quality, and timely service and to anticipate to their needs with superior construction services at market competitive price.


“A Mission Towards supremacy”

Our main aim has always been focused on providing, post-tensioned concrete solutions and advice.

We are capable of undertaking projects of any size and our dedication will be to always uphold our level of quality, safety, performance and customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated leaders represent invaluable knowledge and experience, and it is their drive to achieve that has allowed MPTS SYSTEM to grow across  Jordan and establish long-term relationships within the construction industry and with our clients.


We plan to grow profitable, sustainable, with high quality and fast in the market for buildings, industrial, bridges and infrastructure projects in Jordan.


We are proud to be a company that is driven by vision and fuelled by our passion. The cores of our success are our people, and the values at the heart of our business are:

Social responsibility
 Team Oriented